The Jake Benoit Murder Mystery Collection

Jake Collection Cover


Follow Jake Benoit and his Serial Crime Unit as they assist other Law Enforcement Agencies in tracking down serial killers and bring them to justice!


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Tears of a Clown – Episode 1 – Two bodies, one male, one female, had been discovered in 2 separate Historical Cemeteries in New Orleans. They had been brutally murdered and their bodies mutilated. The only thing the victims seemed to have in common was their bodies were completely nude, and their faces were covered with a clown mask!  Detective Lieutenant Jake Benoit, a former FBI Profiler, and his partner were called on to track down the vicious killer and bring him to justice. But what was the deal with the clown masks? This was the mystery they had to solve in order to catch the killer!

Drive-By Justice – Episode 2 – Four members of the largest Black street gang in Jackson, Mississippi had been found murdered execution style,and their bodies tossed into dumpsters.  Was this the work of a White Supremacy group, or was there a Vigilante walking the streets?  The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Jackson Police Department were at a dead-end in their investigation, so the call went out to Jake Benoit and his Serial Crime Unit.  Maybe their fresh eyes would see something that the MBI and JPD were overlooking!

Kiss of Death – Episode 3 – Three co-eds at Walker University in Lake Charles, Louisiana had been abducted from the campus over the past month. The bodies of the first two had been discovered in shallow graves near Bayou Horn, both with evidence of sexual abuse. The Lake Charles Police and Walker University Police were at a dead-end, so the call went out to Captain Jake Benoit and his Serial Crime Unit. Hopefully they would arrive in time to save the third co-ed and stop the murderer before more girls are abducted!

Dark of the Moon – Episode 4 – Three young Mothers, with children ranging in age from 18 months to 2 years old, had disappeared in the past month, along with their children. The bodies of the women had been discovered in an isolated pond just off Black Warrior River near Birmingham, Alabama, each with their throat cut. Who killed them, and where were the children? What had happened to them? The Alabama Bureau of Investigation had run out of leads, so the call went out to New Orleans and the NOPD Serial Crime Unit. Will Jake Benoit and his Unit be able to find the killer and rescue the children?

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